Bringing together an intricate collection of iconic hairstyles, this unique photobook pays tribute to East Williamsburg's vibrant community, demonstrating the resilience and creativity of Salon87 stylists Hiro+Mari during the pandemic. Maru Teppei's exceptional photography further amplifies the compelling narrative of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

87 Heads Hair Photobook Cover

\"East Williamsburg Shines in '87 Heads': An Artful Hairstyling Photobook by Hiro+Mari & Maru Teppei\"

Hiro+Mari, renowned hair stylists and founders of Salon87, in collaboration with acclaimed photographer Maru Teppei, proudly announce the release of their anthology photobook, "87 Heads."

An embodiment of innovative hairstyling, fashion, and artful photography, "87 Heads" is a unique love letter to East Williamsburg, a neighborhood revered for its vibrant culture and community. The photobook captures the iconic hairstyles and beauty trends conceptualized and created by Hiro+Mari, transforming everyday individuals into extraordinary models.

Originally intended to deepen connections with locals of Graham Avenue, the project experienced a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, Hiro+Mari and Maru Teppei resumed their project, creating a testament to resilience, beauty, and creativity amidst adversity.

"87 Heads" celebrates not just craft but the resilient spirit of East Williamsburg. The community was a constant source of inspiration. In the face of an unprecedented pandemic, Hiro+Mari wondered what they could give to their community. By creating hair art on their neighbors, family and friends, they realized they could bring joy through their creative work.

Featuring the meticulous Japanese techniques and New York style that Salon87 is known for, "87 Heads" takes readers on a journey to showcase and celebrate diverse counterculture styles ranging from nostalgic Japanese Sukeban perms to iconic flat-tops with Basquiat embellishments. Maru Teppei's photography, which has previously been recognized for its surrealistic aesthetics and vivid engagement with the subject, adds an arresting visual depth to the anthology.

This collection is a testament to Salon87's mission: to create new trends in the fashion and beauty industry worldwide from Brooklyn, NY. "87 Heads" is a tribute to the perseverance and passion of its stylists: Chika Nishiyama, Izumi Sato, Miwako Urasugi, and Yu Nakata.

The photobook serves as a testament to the profound talent and vision of Hiro+Mari and Maru Teppei and as a tribute to the resilient East Williamsburg community. "87 Heads" is more than just a showcase of hairstyles; it's a portrait of a community, a snapshot of a moment in time, and a celebration of human connection, solidarity, and creative expression.

"87 Heads" is available for purchase now. Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement of hair art, community resilience, and the beauty of East Williamsburg.

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Salon87 is home to a team of expert stylists from Japan, with world-class beauty techniques that combine meticulous Japanese sensibilities with New York style and flair. Salon87 is also the base of 87 Artists Agency, which expands stylists' activities into wider creative industries, including art and fashion.

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Original Source: East Williamsburg Shines in '87 Heads': An Artful Hairstyling Photobook by Hiro+Mari & Maru Teppei