The remarkable display of the Power of Gratitude in the Business World with Carla White & Steve Pearson brokering a heartfelt deal like no other!

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2023 / — Carla White, a highly esteemed app developer, exceeded Steve Pearson‘s expectations when he sought her expertise to help him create a gratitude app. He chose World Gratitude Day as the perfect occasion for an official and exciting announcement.

Just over two years ago, Steve recalled his initial contact with Carla when she shared invaluable insights on creating an app and her secret to success. However, their collaboration initially took a different but welcomed turn due to Carla’s commitment to launching her HIRO-FM Private Podcast Software. Steve enrolled as a member, and Carla mentored and coached him on his journey to launch his podcast, which is set to debut next month. The two years flew by, and their professional relationship evolved into a genuine friendship that transcended their geographical distance, as they had not met in person.

Carla approached Steve with a generous proposition – the chance to take over her Gratitude Journal App, which has consistently ranked among the top ten in its class since 2007. Carla is a trailblazing entrepreneur and the first to have an app in the App Store. Her app has even been featured on shows like Oprah and many others. Steve was overwhelmed by this unexpected offer and felt that gratitude had played a significant role in brokering the deal, not just financially but as a symbol of their profound connection.

Steve expressed his sincere appreciation to Carla for always believing in him. He firmly believes that together with her app, he could continue to make a significant impact in the world. Carla quickly stressed that Steve’s vision and passion for gratitude had initially inspired her, making him the perfect candidate to continue her legacy.

“I am simply delighted to support Steve in his endeavors,” Carla shared. “I do not doubt he will change the world with this app.”

The app’s primary mission is to guide individuals in nurturing a daily gratitude practice. Both Steve and Carla are confident that this app will continue to have a positive and enduring impact on the lives of its users, further exemplifying the remarkable power of gratitude.

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The Magic of Gratitude

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