Mental Health Fair with Dr. Dana McNeil

The Relationship Place Presents 2nd Annual Mental Health Fair

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/ — The Relationship Place, founded by Dr. Dana McNeil is a San-Diego based mental health resource that focuses on individualized treatment, as well as relationship therapy by providing an out-of-the-box approach to our everyday mental health issues. Featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, Fox 5 San Diego, Insider Magazine, 90 Day Fiancé, and more, The Relationship Place has gained prestige in the world of mental health resources, due to their unique approach to relationship therapy and self-help. They will be hosting their Second Annual Mental Health Fair on May 20th from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm PST to join together mental health professionals and guests alike who are passionate about breaking the stigma of getting mental health support.

“I am so excited to attend this year’s Mental Health Fair. Last year’s event was so insightful for myself and my business, and I was able to meet so many like-minded folks passionate about mental health.” according to Veronica Torres, massage therapist. “Sharing our wisdom from the past year with each other was irreplicable.”

This year’s fair will take place at The Relationship Place office (2729 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103). Mental Health professionals from across the country will gather to share their knowledge regarding involvement in the mental health industry. Vendors will range from clinicians to relaxation experts, massage therapists, and Animal Pads, a non-profit, all breed dog rescue that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico.

To kick the event off, Dr. Dana McNeil will be giving a short talk about how her company has supported the overall goal of normalizing mental health in individuals, as well as relationships. She will dive into The Relationship Place’s unique approach to therapy – and its out-of-the-box approach that has set her miles ahead of others in her field. By utilizing the Gottman Method, her clients are able to learn foundational skills, unlike other therapy services that merely offer their clients an ear for listening and a shoulder to cry on. At no cost whatsoever to attendees, the Mental Health Fair promises to be a memorable event for those passionate about furthering the conversation around mental health, and a great networking event for professionals in the mental health field.

“I could not ask for a better platform for me to share my findings, and the practices we abide by at The Relationship Place than this year’s mental health fair. What a wonderful time to share the goal of bettering our practices in aims to find deeper connections with ourselves and those around us.” -Dr. Dana McNeil, Founder of The Relationship Place.

Come to this year’s event to hear about Dr. Dana’s journey in the field of mental health, and how we can push past the many problems we face in our day-to-day lives in a more productive and healthy way, for ourselves, and our partners.

About The Relationship Place:

From its beginnings, The Relationship Place has always strived to create a non-traditional foundation that sets it apart from all other therapy resources. Utilizing John Gottman’s method, a world-renowned psychologist for his 30-plus years of research, The Relationship Place helps you build concrete skills to use to better your life, rather than simply console you about your problems. Such skills provide clients the tools to develop and maintain closer relationships, address conflict productively, and build a life of shared meaning together. By providing real-world solutions, The Relationship Place creates the foundation for healthy relationships with partners, and with yourself.

About Dr. Dana McNeil:

Dr. Dana McNeil has been practicing therapy for over a decade and founded The Relationship Place in 2019. Inspired by John Gottman’s research and approach to mental health, Dr. McNeil decided to implement his findings into her daily practice – both on her clients, as well as in her own personal life and relationships. She utilizes Gottman’s seven step approach to ensure that her clients walk away from each session with real-world skills to use within their own lives, to better improve their coping skills, relationship to traumas in their lives, and their relationships with themselves and others.

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