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Back cover of Burger Brilliance book by Lee Wells

New book “Burger Brilliance” explores the journey of the stunning success of Wells Cattle Co. Burgers and Pies, located just outside of Dallas, TX.

What can you learn from a cowboy that runs a burger joint? Nothing much, right? You’d be wrong! – Kevin Fowler, Sr. VP, Independent Financial, Former Mayor of the City of Rockwall, Texas”

— Lee Wells

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, USA, June 7, 2024 / — With the new book, “Burger Brilliance” you will discover the innovation behind the 20 Best Burger Awards in just five short years, and what many claim to be the best burger they have ever tasted. His book is packed with insight into a culture of impeccable hospitality and the imagination required to create one of the most unique menus anywhere in the world. Lee’s book describes his special creations made with premium ranch-to-table quality beef from his ranch. Then he talks about their housemade, old-fashioned meringue pies and 5 handmade sauces that taste like fine dining in the comfort of a converted 1930s home.

Lee Wells’ book, Burger Brilliance, is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book formats. His style of writing is easy to follow with a concise subchapter layout that is perfect for busy people with interruptions. The book is available at Lee’s online store, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Lee says, “Just because I own a restaurant does not mean it belongs to me. That may be a shocking statement, but it is true. My restaurant belongs to every customer who chooses to spend their hard-earned money with us. I am humbled by the success we have seen in the time we have been serving our community. We have won almost every award given for burgers in our area, and we do not take a single accolade lightly.” This is the winning perspective that drives the Wells quality, excellence, and value every day.

“Burger Brilliance is a refreshing slice of Americana, full of concentrated and valuable content….” – Brian Adams, Sr. VP of Food & Beverage Advisory, JLL

One night, after a long day at the restaurant, Lee sat down at his computer and began creating burger ideas. There was the Western Burger with our house-made barbeque sauce…. and a Mushroom Swiss. Then some crazy ideas started coming to mind like a German Burger with sauerkraut…. The list quickly grew to twelve burgers, ending up with an outrageous Brunch Burger built on waffles with syrup drizzled onto the beef patty. Lee now serves every one of those burgers every day. People come from miles around to get a taste of his creative genius.

“I just finished reading Lee’s book. It’s not just about the burger business, but about life choices, having a servant’s heart, caring about people, and working hard. His book has encouraged me to be a happier person.” ~ Jim Dunphy

Lee Wells grew up with amazing ground beef from his father’s ranch. It was clean beef that was free of chemicals or hormones. Made from the entire side of beef deboned and ground together, it included the steaks and prime cuts, unlike other ground beef. Even when critics said it could not be done, he sold his first cow before he could get it to the processor. It has been an amazing ride!

“I truly enjoyed this book… thoroughly impressed!” – Kevin Lefere, Partner & Head Chef of Zanata

Lee Wells is a national keynote speaker, international selling author, business coach, podcast host, rancher, and restaurateur. To learn more about Lee or to contact him directly, please visit his website:

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