GoMe.ai's offering provides a machine learning solution for scalable, cost-effective people development

IRVINE, Calif. - August 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Tech startup GoMe.ai has launched a campaign on equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine to fund and market its key offering: an AI-driven, SaaS-based mobile coaching experience that provides personal development paths and situational coaching to users. Combining behavioral methodology with machine learning, GoMe.ai was created to address the high cost and lack of scalability of traditional leadership development and coaching programs within organizations. 

"GoMe.ai is a game-changing platform that enables organizations of all sizes to provide their workforce with high-quality, cost-effective leadership development and coaching," said GoMe.ai CEO Jim Hart, former CEO of the culture-shaping firm Senn Delaney. "Our platform's unique capability is to use AI/Machine Learning to align coaching with each organization's priorities. And, because it's driven by AI, it breaks the traditional coaching barriers of cost and scalability by providing personalized, private coaching anytime, anywhere, with just-in-time recommendations to help individuals be more successful."

Using micro-measurements based on proprietary behavioral methodologies, GoMe.ai continuously gathers data from users who have opted in as they participate in secure online meetings and consume content. This data is mapped, analyzed, anonymized, aggregated, and made available on a dashboard where leaders can track and guide progress. Each user receives confidential, personalized recommendations and content to guide their own development.

For more information on GoMe.ai, visit their website at https://gome.ai

The StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign gives entrepreneurs the ability to raise capital from the public and offers investors the opportunity to have partial ownership of the company. GoMe.ai's campaign on StartEngine can be found here: https://startengine.com/gome-ai

About GoMe.ai

GoMe.ai was formed by a group of leadership development professionals, experienced AI/Machine Learning developers and PhDs who have researched high-performance leadership characteristics to empower organizations and provide their workforce with broad access to leadership coaching. Their offerings help users develop essential skills for successful leadership: continuous learning, clear communication, effective meetings, positive group dynamics, the ability to navigate difficult situations, and organizational alignment. GoMe.ai brings leadership coaching to everyone, anywhere, anytime. https://gome.ai

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Celeste Rothstein, Communications Lead - GoMe.ai

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Original Source: Startup Brings AI Coaching Platform to Market, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine
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