The new program helps people to improve their results with online dating. Subscribers can learn how to start and carry on conversations, go on more dates, deal with manipulators, and begin a healthy relationship. Dating Coach is designed to be suitable for all sexes and ages—it's available now.

Kismia site

Kismia site

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Recently, Kismia has found a new way to make people's lives happier. Those who want to learn skills for dating online now have access to Dating Coach. By applying the advice in the program, a person can significantly improve their chances of finding love and building healthy, long-lasting relationships.

Included in the training

Dating Coach is, in general, a training program for improving the quality of present or future romantic relationships. It includes quizzes and digests with concrete tips, real-life examples, and detailed explanations of dating phenomena. Each digest is short, so they won't take long to read. The program also has horoscopes about love to find the right people to date. Some additional content, like questions to make communication more interesting, may facilitate better dating skills.

Plans for the near future

To increase the effectiveness of the training, Kismia is going to add personalized content and opportunities to consult with specialists about relationships, psychology, and approaching the opposite sex.

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About Kismia
Kismia is an international dating brand offering services since 2012. The company is committed to helping people find a partner for lasting relationships. So far, more than 150 million users have tried Kismia's website and mobile app. While using them, there are no ads whatsoever, so users get a smooth online dating experience. What's more, employees continue to leverage the scale and agility of the company to extend services throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia.

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