This strategic alliance between NAHICA and PlanHub seeks to bridge the gap between Hispanic subcontractors and construction projects

NAHICAand PlanHub

NAHICA partners with PlanHub

The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with PlanHub, a leading construction project management platform. This partnership aims to foster growth and opportunities for Hispanic subcontractors within the construction industry by connecting them with a multitude of construction projects available through PlanHub's extensive network of general contractors.

NAHICA is a renowned organization dedicated to empowering Hispanic contractors and subcontractors, fostering their professional development, and promoting diversity within the construction sector. PlanHub is a cutting-edge technology platform that simplifies the construction bidding process and streamlines communication between general contractors and subcontractors. This strategic alliance between NAHICA and PlanHub seeks to bridge the gap between Hispanic subcontractors and construction projects, thereby enhancing their visibility and chances of securing projects that align with their expertise.

By leveraging PlanHub's robust database of construction projects, NAHICA aims to provide its members with unprecedented access to a wide range of opportunities. Hispanic subcontractors will have the ability to bid on and collaborate with general contractors on projects that span various sizes, scopes, and specialties. This collaboration is a testament to NAHICA's commitment to equipping Hispanic contractors with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the competitive construction landscape.

"NAHICA is thrilled to join forces with PlanHub to amplify the growth and potential of Hispanic subcontractors in the construction industry," stated Sergio Terreros, President of NAHICA.

PlanHub's CEO, Ro Bhatia, echoed this sentiment, saying, "We are honored to work alongside NAHICA to support the vibrant community of Hispanic subcontractors. PlanHub's advanced technology will serve as a catalyst, enabling these subcontractors to connect with a plethora of construction projects that match their skill sets. We believe that this collaboration will not only contribute to the growth of individual businesses but also enrich the overall construction ecosystem."

Hispanic subcontractors who are NAHICA members will soon be able to benefit from the streamlined access to PlanHub's extensive database of construction projects. This collaboration promises to drive innovation, diversity, and excellence within the construction industry.

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About National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA): 

The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) is a leading organization dedicated to empowering Hispanic contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. With a strong commitment to diversity and professional growth, NAHICA offers resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy to foster success within the Hispanic construction community.

About PlanHub: 

PlanHub is the cloud software platform that empowers commercial construction professionals to expand their businesses by optimizing workflows, improving collaboration, and offering data-driven insights for smarter choices. Our user-friendly tools assist contractors and suppliers throughout the entire pre-construction journey, delivering qualified leads, seamless team cooperation, efficient document handling, complete bid management solutions, and valuable data insights within a fully integrated ecosystem.

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