The best early Sony TV deals for Black Friday, including all the latest offers on 4K UHD, HDR, LED, OLED & more smart TVs

Here’s a comparison of the top early Sony TV deals for Black Friday, featuring the top deals on a wide selection of Sony BRAVIA smart TVs in various sizes including 77 inches, 75, inches, 65 inches, 55 inches and more. Links to the top deals are listed below.

Best Sony TV Deals:

Best Sony TV Deals by Screen Size:

More Smart TV Deals:

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Sony TVs have consistently pushed the boundaries of home entertainment technology. With their commitment to innovation, Sony has integrated cutting-edge features into their television sets. From OLED and LED displays to advanced image processing technologies, viewers can expect unparalleled picture quality and color accuracy. 

Sony also offers smart TV capabilities, providing access to popular streaming services and apps. Additionally, their commitment to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology ensures a broader range of brightness and contrast, delivering a more immersive viewing experience. When considering a television purchase, Sony's dedication to technological advancements makes them a compelling choice for those seeking the latest in home entertainment.

Black Friday 2023 is set to arrive on Nov. 24 this year, unleashing a flurry of deals and discounts across a wide array of product categories. Among the most anticipated offerings are in the realm of high-definition entertainment, particularly within the category of Sony TV products.

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