Registered Clear Zones Are Businesses That Prioritize the Health and Safety of Their Customers and Employees

Registered Clear Zone Badge

Businesses using the Clear Zone protocols and products display this Registered Clear Zone Badge.

Recently featured in the Towne Post Network - Clear Zones is excited to announce a new solution to a problem every business faces: proving to their customers and employees that their establishment is truly clean.

A recent study revealed that 84% of customers want to see certification of cleanliness by a trusted authority, yet until now, businesses in most communities lacked a consistent and recognizable way to provide that proof.

Most businesses have a cleaning plan in place, but more often than not, those plans fall short — and customers and employees could be vulnerable to illness. Clear Zones co-founder, Brent Engelman, explains why.

"Leading disinfectants require dwell time on surfaces to effectively kill germs, which means wiping down a table seconds before a customer sits down won't cut it," Engelman says.

"And even if mandatory dwell times are met, those surfaces are immediately recontaminated the moment someone coughs, sneezes, or touches them. To top it off, chemical disinfectants destroy the surfaces they're supposed to clean. That's why so many tabletops, chairs, and menus are sticky. Sticky is never clean."

Clear Zones is a better way. Every business that becomes a Registered Clear Zone receives a customized cleaning protocol and a Registered Clear Zone Badge that proves their space is cleaner and safer for everyone.

All Clear Zones use MonoFoil, a unique disinfectant and antimicrobial that is 100% safe for people and animals. The product was developed and patented by Engelman and his business partner, Nate Richardson.

It kills germs on contact and keeps protecting for up to 24 hours, making it more effective than the chemical cleaners most businesses use today.

"It's the antimicrobial piece that provides the durability. Yes, it disinfects, but as soon as our product dries, it creates a physical barrier on the surface that stays active for up to 24 hours," Engelman explains. "You can't see, feel, or smell it, but that active barrier is what keeps the surface cleaner longer."

Any business can become a Registered Clear Zone, including restaurants, gyms, schools and daycares, healthcare and dental offices, wellness facilities, apartment communities, office buildings, municipalities, and more.

Becoming a Registered Clear Zone means more than just a higher standard of cleanliness. The product protects surfaces longer, the protocol makes disinfection training for employees simpler and more comprehensive, and the Badge gives customers the proof of clean they're demanding.

For businesses interested in becoming Registered Clear Zones, start by applying at If you're approved, you receive your welcome kit, custom cleaning protocol, and MonoFoil product. Follow your protocol and display your Registered Clear Zone Badge on your doors, windows, website, and social media pages.

Contact Information:
Brent Engelman
Director of Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]

Original Source: Clear Zones Make It Easy to Find Cleaner, Safer Spaces to Eat, Work, and Play