Recent audiobook release 'From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness' from Audiobook Network author Ebony Hudson details a step-by-step journey for listeners looking to strengthen their relationship with God and find total and complete healing.

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Ebony Hudson, a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in the field of social work for two decades, has completed her new audiobook "From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness": a beautiful and uplifting message for those who struggle with mental health issues that seek a higher power to help heal their wounds.

"From past traumas to current crises to the healing needed for the daily bumps and bruises of life, we can no longer view our mental health outside of our Christian faith," shares Hudson. "The story in Luke 17 tells us that after one of the lepers that Jesus healed returned to Him, he was told that his faith has made him whole. This book discusses how we as Christians can be healed and made whole in the area of our emotional and mental health. This book identifies specific steps that can be taken to begin and continue on the path of healing and toward wholeness. It will also examine lessons we can learn from individuals in the Bible who struggled with mental and emotional issues despite their relationship with God. This book seeks to help the reader fight the good fight of faith in the area of mental and emotional health and gives hope that with God, all things truly are possible.

"In a selfie-driven society that depends on the current culture to determine norms and wellness, this book returns the believer to the foundation of the Christian faith--the Bible and the power of God to do what seems impossible. In these pages is a message of hope that is desperately needed in the lives of individuals during these trying times. Our mental and emotional health are important to God, and it should be important to everyone within the kingdom of God. Our struggles in this area do not represent weakness, but instead, they remind us that in this life, we will have trials and tribulations, yet we have been assured that we have a Savior who has overcome the world, and as we depend on Him for healing, we can be healed and made whole."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Ebony Hudson's new audiobook will aid those with an open mind and heart in finding balance and healing growth through God's divine wisdom.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness" by Ebony Hudson through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Ebony Hudson's New Audiobook 'From Healing to Wholeness' is a Powerful Tool for One Seeking Emotional and Physical Healing Through God's Power
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