The protective cases are critical to preventing damage from everyday wear.

Zebra Scanner Holster with Belt Clip

Zebra Scanner Holster with Belt Clip is ideal for jobs in the manufacturing, and transportation industries.

AgozTech, a leading provider of heavy-duty holsters, has announced the launch of a new line of cases built to protect expensive devices carried by frontline workers. With AgozTech's high-quality products, workers in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, and logistics can carry and use their mobile scanners, POS devices, two-way radios, and pagers with complete peace of mind, knowing that their devices are safe and secure. 

When selecting a case for a mobile scanner, it is important to first determine which device requires protection. Scanner cases, in particular, need to be able to safeguard mobile devices when they are in storage and when being utilized on the go. All scanner cases should be constructed to withstand bumps, drops, and everyday wear and tear while also ensuring that the items inside are kept safe and functional. 

Zebra Scanners can be found in warehouses and stores across the country. Over the past decade, Zebra devices have quickly become the industry standard of modern inventory management technology. These devices have become essential to workers responsible for stocking shelves, packing and transporting goods, registering products, and confirming prices for customers.

AgozTech offers an array of Zebra-focused products and Zebra scanner holsters have varying levels of compatibility with devices such as the Zebra TC77, Zebra TC26, Zebra TC21, Zebra TC72, Zebra TC70, Zebra TC57, and the TC52.

For those looking to prevent impacts or punctures over a long period, the Agoz Zebra TC77 Holster is the ideal selection. This holster comes with a belt clip that makes it easy to attach to pants or a belt loop, and shock-absorbing technology built to protect the device from impact during falls or drops.

AgozTech offers a variety of scanners and holsters to meet the needs of every frontline employee, regardless of industry or role. 

"Our creative and passionate team continuously provides innovation to empower the front line of business performance," said Dayana Celiktras, partner at AgozTech. 

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About AgozTech

AgozTech was born out of a small passion project in Edgewater, New Jersey, in 2009. We design high-quality holsters to empower front-edge workers' productivity in industries such as retail e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics, and more: Protecting their mobile working devices. Making their daily tasks more comfortable and productive. Offering ergonomic accessories. We are your front-edge workers' partner helping to make their jobs more comfortable, efficient, and productive. From the design to the delivery of our products, we make sure to live up to our mission. 

From 2009 through today, our creative and passionate team continuously provides innovation to empower the front line of business performance. Worldwide, where businesses and people find their success, AgozTech is there!

Contact Information:
Ozkan Celiktras
[email protected]

Original Source: AgozTech Releases Highly Protective Heavy-Duty Holsters Designed for Frontline Workers
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