Arkieva+ is tailor-made for teams with limited IT resources and those that require end-to-end supply chain planning without the complexity of adopting enterprise solutions.

Arkieva, a global leader in integrated planning and scheduling software for manufacturing, CPG, and wholesaler operations, today announced the launch of Arkieva+, a self-service SaaS solution. Arkieva+ was developed to meet the supply chain planning needs of businesses with (on average) less than $250 million dollars in revenue per year. These businesses typically have constrained IT departments and small teams tasked with managing the entire supply chain. Arkieva+'s SaaS offering can be implemented in hours and features S&OP capabilities such as demand planning, supply planning and inventory planning. It constantly monitors supply chain health and fosters cross-functional team collaboration, enabling organizations to work more seamlessly.

Dhiran Singh, Arkieva's Executive Vice President, states, "Over the 30 years since Arkieva was founded, we have seen that many smaller companies are often not able to implement an enterprise-sized solution. Reasons can range from budget constraints, implementation time, and solution complexity that is more than required. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Arkieva+, a SaaS tool designed to give smaller companies the power to plan their supply chains. With Arkieva+, our goal has been to expose supply chain planning to a wide audience in a way that is simple, cost-effective, and fast-to-value. Dhiran adds that "with access to automation, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and an integrated plan, teams will be able to produce better quality forecasts and companies will be able to make better decisions more quickly and consistently."

Simplification is at the heart of Arkieva+. The SaaS solution leverages the same analytic backbone as the flagship Enterprise solution.  Using prebuilt workflows, planners can create precise plans that will vastly improve day-to-day operations. This is ideally suited for those looking to replace Excel macros and reduce the time required to check and recheck assumptions and validate outputs. Arkieva+ automates repetitive tasks, allowing planners to focus on more value-added activities, such as reducing the impact of intermittent demand, sensing future demand despite volatility, and better understanding the impacts of promotions and events. With Arkieva+, users can expect provable ROI in just a month or so, based on the reduction in inventory while improving service levels. By having a better-balanced supply chain, these companies will be able to beat the competition and grow their businesses. 

Arkieva+ features modular components, ensuring companies only invest in what they need, with the ability to add on as they grow.  Arkieva+ includes a 14-day trial to provide hands-on experience with the solution and its features. You can learn more about Arkieva+ and sign up for the 14-day trial at 


For nearly 30 years, Arkieva has worked with leading companies across a wide range of industries with a laser-like focus on business performance. We have analyzed, developed, pivoted, tested, and retested the best solutions for the greatest of challenges. This is one of many reasons that Arkieva is so well regarded in the analyst community and has such strong client retention rates and referral business.

We are change agents at our core and always push ourselves to create solutions that not only solve today's challenges but those of tomorrow. In the simplest and most intuitive way possible.

Ultimately, Arkieva's software and competence today mirror both our experience and desire to innovate, create and be at the forefront of supply chain planning. We look forward to every new challenge.  It's in our DNA.

Arkieva. No fluff. Just real solutions.

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Original Source: Arkieva Launches a SaaS Supply Chain Solution to Meet the Needs of Smaller Businesses
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