The new website is part of Broad Institute's mission to support innovation and breakthroughs in the science and research community.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Broad Institute is a multidisciplinary community of researchers on a mission to improve human health.

In 2015, the Broad Institute partnered with WDB Agency to deliver a website experience that met the needs of its users, which was a real challenge and creative opportunity. The minimalistic design won numerous awards and was mentioned by leading design boards.

Broad returned to WDB Agency in 2021 with another challenge to completely redesign the website and migrate to Drupal 9. In collaboration with Broad's team, WDB Agency transformed the website into a dynamic, evergreen media experience with precise alignment between product strategy, content strategy, unique user experience design, and a powerful CMS capable of supporting it all. Through a modular design system, WDB Agency provided Broad Institute with a library of over 30 different modules that can be used and reused on any page to build interactive and unique user experiences to create a scientific narrative on scale. 

"The Broad project allowed our team to expand their creativity and highlight their expertise with Drupal. It was a rather rewarding experience to help the Broad Institute to continue to position itself as a leader in the scientific community," said Gil Duzanski, CTO and Founder of WDB Agency. 

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is a research organization that convenes a community of researchers from across many disciplines and partner institutions—MIT, Harvard, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals. Broad Institute's researchers are launching innovative, high-risk projects at every scale, gaining insight into the biological mechanisms of disease, inventing new technologies, building and implementing computational tools, developing new therapeutics to advance into the clinic, mentoring and training the next generation of scientists, and sharing the data and tools openly to enable breakthroughs anywhere. 

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Janeth Benjamin
Creative writer
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Original Source: Broad Institute Launches New Website With WDB Agency to Help Researchers Innovate and Forge New Frontiers in Science
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