Predictive Analytics Boosts Modest Earnings from Portfolios to a 54% for the Fund’s Investors

For the already well-to-do PE fund manager, this technology will catapult them to ultra-wealthy status.”

— Scott Smith

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 29, 2024 / — FinaTech Structured Solutions ( announced its third patent in less than a year for computational technologies that significantly boost returns to investors in PE funds. Private equity has long had a reputation for producing the highest returns in the industry. Now, FinaTech’s patented breakthrough enables PE funds to deliver even higher returns, furthering the value of the private equity sector. FinaTech recently released a patented solution for PE funds that delivers a 54% return to a fund’s investors based on portfolio earnings of just 9% (

“We’ve long known there were ways to significantly boost returns in the PE space that were simply being overlooked”, says Jerry Verbeck, a managing member of FinaTech. “Our computational technology is the key to managing funds with sufficient accuracy to use math to generate hyper-alpha.”

FinaTech turned to renowned computational technologist Kevin Howard to help them develop and patent computational technologies that significantly boost returns for PE funds. “I already had multiple patents on improving the processing efficiency of data centers,” says Howard. “Boosting returns for PE funds was a variation on the same theme – optimizing the space-time outputs of a complex system. Better use of predictive analytics was the answer the private equity industry was seeking.”

“We had teamed up with Kevin before to speed up the output of a LIDAR computation algorithm by 625X for a special DARPA project,” commented Scott Smith, the CEO of FinaTech, “Boosting an investor’s IRR turns out to be a very similar problem.”

When asked about the impact that FinaTech’s new technology would have, Smith quipped, “For technologists like us, it’s just another advance in precision analytics. We’re happy to earn some royalties on it. For the already well-to-do PE fund manager, this technology will catapult them to ultra-wealthy status.”

About FinaTech: FinaTech develops and patents computational technologies for private equity. FinaTech’s founders were pioneers of structured finance on Wall Street. Their collaboration with DLJ in 1993 produced the world’s first mixed-property CMBS, which lead to the issuance of over $30 trillion in mortgage-backed securities. FinaTech advises, boosts return, and minimizes risk.

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