9 in 10 executives agree that a robust thought leadership strategy is essential, but only 20% are effective.

NEW YORK - August 3, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice announces it has launched a new study finding the annual value of thought leadership research to be $2.7 million. Among Fortune 100 executives, this number rises to $3.6 million. Conducted by The Harris Poll from May 18-24, 2022, this study surveyed 500 full-time business leaders.

"Our research analyzes executive perceptions on thought leadership," said Libby Rodney, Chief Strategy Officer at The Harris Poll. "This new study delves into the value of thought leadership and its role in promoting organizational credibility and authority."

Although many executives recognize the value of thought leadership in driving business revenue and engagement, they indicated their company's current efforts fall short. Less than a third of respondents noted a robust thought leadership strategy within their organization, and just 20% considered the approach to be effective. Executives also expressed concern that their efforts lacked variety and innovation, citing a gap between thought leadership strategy and overall quality.

Not only is thought leadership critical in building authority, but it also provides an opportunity to build trust with stakeholders and employees. The executives surveyed acknowledged their own reliance on thought leadership, indicating they often leveraged it for policy and investment conversations, as well as to drive sales and build client relationships.

However, the primary recipients of thought leadership are not customers and clients, but employees. From the sales team to research and development staff, or even members of the C-Suite, thought leadership is a useful mechanism for attracting and retaining top talent, as well as helping organizations select their best partners and vendors.

Respondents confirm executive thought leadership is an integral part of their organization's growth strategy. The results of the survey also emphasize the value of custom research, which makes thought leadership more effective, assures validity and builds long-term distinction in the marketplace. Executives stated a desire to see more actionable thought leadership in the market and plan to invest 31% more than their current spend. When considering holistically the increased revenue, reputational lift, impact on investment or capital, and employee retention, executives estimate the annual value of thought leadership research to be $2.7 million. Among Fortune 100 executives, this number rises to $3.6 million.

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice study highlights the importance of thought leadership, but for it to be effective, it must be distinct and reflect an organization's specific needs. Getting noticed in a hybrid world post-pandemic adds another layer of complexity.

"It's no surprise that the desire to build authority is a key issue right now," says Rodney. "Our goal at Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice is to drive thought leadership and unearth emerging trends. The focus is on providing credible data that helps organizations get ahead of what's next to improve their business engagement and increase revenue."

Want to build thought leadership for your organization that is credible, creative and culturally relevant? Reach out to The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice.

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