Check out this home downsizing article If a loved one is considering selling a house and downsizing or moving to senior living

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — For long time home owners, the desire and sometimes need for a different and safer living arrangement increases. That new living arrangement may be a smaller home, moving in with a family member, apartment community, or other senior living arrangement. It may also include staying in a current living arrangement, with some modifications to provide a better living environment.

If the decision is to sell and move, Home Downsizing Solutions created this article to cover the 5 critical steps needed to sell a house and downsize.

Assess The Current Living Situation

Before looking for a new living arrangement, its important to assess the current situation, needs, and future needs if possible. Take a realistic look at health, mobility, and any medical conditions that may require special care and attention. Is help needed with activities like bathing, dressing, or making meals? Is help needed with medication management or medical equipment?

Make a list of needs and desires to help determine what level of care is needed now or may likely be needed in the future. This will help determine what type of living arrangement will be best.

Research Living Arrangement Options

Once needs and preferences are determined, the home owner will be better prepared to research living arrangement options. Is a smaller home or apartment community a good option? Or is a senior community, such as independent living, assisted living, memory care, or continuing care community (a community that have different levels of care be a better option?

Look for a living arrangement or community that best fits needs and preferences, that are hopefully located in desired areas, and close to desired services. Often times, a knowledgeable senior placement agent can play an important role in helping locate a community that will fit those needs.

Preparing The House For Sale

Typically, the next step is to get the house ready for sale. This can include decluttering (getting rid of the sometimes decades of “stuff” that has accumulated in the house), getting a whole house inspection to discover known and unknown issues with the house that potential buyers will discover, making any necessary repairs and updates the house may need, and making the house inviting to potential buyers.

“What do I do with the stuff” is usually the most common statement I hear. But taking care of the “stuff” and depersonalizing the house, so that the house is inviting to potential buyers are important steps when selling a house in a traditional manner.

If a house hasn’t been updated in the last several years, the home owner may need to find contractors to update the house to what most home buyers expect in the current market, or price the house accordingly if the repairs and updates are not done.

Locating The Right Real Estate Professional

I would recommend interviewing a few different real estate professionals to see what type of service is best for a specific situation. Note- a friend or relative that happens to have a real estate license may not be the best choice.

If a house is in great condition or a seller wants and is able to get the house into a “nice” retail condition, and doesn’t mind showings with strangers in the house or the other potential challenges that can go along with Listing a house, a great real estate agent may be the best solution.

If a home owner prefers to not do any repairs or updates, doesn’t want to handle or deal with the “stuff” that’s not important to them, doesn’t want to get and keep the house in show ready condition, doesn’t want strangers in the house, and wants more control over the closing and possession dates, a trusted and experienced home buying company like Home Downsizing Solutions may be a great solution.

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