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Embracing antifragile fundamentals is essential to unlock the next wave of global innovation.”

— Lyon Kassab

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2023 / — Los Angeles-based Managing Partner of BoCG Ventures, Lyon Kassab, has emerged as a coveted figure in the innovation and investment world, earning a reputation as a “Midas Touch” investor-operator with an analytical edge necessary for sustainable growth. As the industry shifts towards investing with a strong foundation of fundamentals, Mr. Kassab’s unique quantitative skills, combined with his global operational experience, and deep knowledge of macroeconomics, have driven BoCG Ventures to diversify its strategy beyond the US and European markets into the promising Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

Mr. Kassab currently serves as the Co-Founder and Managing General Partner at BoCG Ventures, where he drives the firm’s mission of finding, funding and operating antifragile companies through its Venture Operating Model (VOM). His focus on early- and mid-stage venture development keeps BoCG Ventures at the forefront of innovation, providing valuable support to ventures with tremendous growth potential. With an impressive career spanning Consumer Packaged Goods, Management Consulting, and Automotive Industries, Mr. Kassab’s expertise has been the driving force behind BoCG Ventures’ success and mandate. He possesses over two decades of experience linking Strategy, Operations, and Technology to inform the firm’s strategic decisions.

“The foundation of BoCG Ventures is a reflection of the foundation of our relationship. Lyon and I met while independently restructuring distressed assets in need of scale. Our initial discussions included the analysis of intrinsic variables that act as drivers of company growth. Similar to our thesis of antifragility and through a truth-seeking approach, we had to wade through the intellectual discourse and conflict to find the right answers. Our objective assessment of companies of all stages and markets became the fundamentals behind our VOM framework.” – Chris Ha, Managing General Partner

Mr. Kassab’s journey in entrepreneurship began with successfully growing three consecutive mid-cap companies, including Herbalife, Visalus Sciences, and New Avon. His proven framework for success, known as the “Venture Operating Model,” has been refined through each growth roadmap, leading to faster exits each time. With expertise across all stages of company development, from startups to public offerings, Mr. Kassab holds a holistic understanding of the business landscape. The VOM framework was created by the General Partners of BoCG Ventures and comprises three phases: Discovery, Engagement, and Execution, facilitating company growth and success. BoCG Ventures leverages this framework to shape each investment with a competitive market position without the need to auction for dealflow.

Mr. Kassab, with a sharp understanding of global investments, prioritizes risk management in both operational and investment realms. He leans on the concept of antifragility to navigate uncertainties like banking failures and market disruptions, viewing technology and human capital as crucial components for companies to scale during turbulent times. His approach revolves around fortifying internal strengths and operational capabilities to weather external market storms effectively. As an American-educated executive with European and Lebanese roots, Mr. Kassab holds a unique perspective on the historical challenges and potential growth drivers in the Middle East. “In today’s investment world, it’s critical to recognize the vital role of investing in innovation, especially during challenging economic periods. Embracing antifragile fundamentals is essential to unlock the next wave of global innovation. Our firm is dedicated to identifying and bolstering early- and mid-stage companies aspiring for global expansion through a steadfast emphasis on innovation and robust business fundamentals. Additionally, we provide guidance to large institutions on restructuring struggling assets to return to growth. We’re committed to spearheading the transition toward antifragility, advancing one investment at a time.” – Lyon Kassab, Managing General Partner

As BoCG Ventures continues to meet milestones: Mr. Kassab remains at the helm, navigating through the ever-changing global markets with his astute pattern recognition skills and analytical prowess. The firm has launched their inaugural Peninsula Fund I as a means to enable the investor-operator model to accelerate BoCG Ventures’ growth buyout framework for rapid scale. The Peninsula Fund I is a part of the firm’s five year growth strategy and is focused on transforming GCC-based companies with an antifragile competitive advantage. The General Partners believe scaling the VOM across the market complements the region’s emerging market status and is an opportunity to shape a more mature fundamentals-driven private-to-public market. His unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and innovation has earned him a well-deserved spot on the watchlist of investor-operators making a lasting impact on the business world between the art of investments and entrepreneurship.

About the firm:
BoCG Ventures is an antifragile investment fund and venture operating firm that specializes in technology-enabled ventures. With their hands-on operational framework, Venture Operating Model (VOM), they create strategic roadmaps and operational frameworks for scalable projects. BoCG Ventures focuses on investing in antifragile brands that leverage technology for long-term, risk-adjusted returns. The BoCG Ventures Peninsula Fund, aims to establish an innovation hub in the Arabian Peninsula. This fund fosters Foreign Direct Investment, develops regional knowledge, and promotes infrastructure initiatives, while bridging connections between the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of the world. Through their investments and partnerships, BoCG Ventures and the Peninsula Fund drive economic growth and technological advancements in the region.

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BoCG Ventures – The Peninsula Fund – From Concept to Reality

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