No Email & No Crypto Mining Day

Easily Reduce Carbon Emissions & Save the Environment on Earth Day

Do less and accomplish more for the environment, and the world’s well-being.”

— Milton Barbarosh

HIGHLAND BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2024 / — In honor of Earth Day, everyone is encouraged for one day to reduce their carbon footprint. Two National Days exist which overlap intentionally with Earth Day and provide a very simple and important method to do less and accomplish a lot for the environment, and the world’s well-being.

First, honor National No Email Day by not sending emails for one day. The stopping of emails for one day will result in less stress for all participants and a major reduction in the usage of energy in the world. To use email requires a computer, tablet or cell phone. All of these electronic devices require power. Any method of producing power whether through sustainable or non-sustainable methods impacts the environment in a negative manner. If one can stop using their electronic devices for one day for emails, even if the power source is “environmentally friendly” that same power could be redirected for another purpose. National Archives Day has approved this National Day.

Second, honor National No Crypto Mining or Crypto Trading Day by stopping the mining and trading of all crypto for one day.

Crypto mining is energy-intensive, as is the manufacturing of the equipment (computers, storage racks, wires, etc.) used to operate the mining and transaction processing (trading and transaction verification), of crypto transactions. This means that there is a high usage of energy, most of which comes from non-renewable energy sources. There have been studies that estimate that crypto mining consumes more energy globally than some countries. The process, known as proof of work, is energy-intensive by design, in order to prevent hacks and attacks, but has become a major usage of power in our fragile world.

Banks have many national holidays where they stop the processing of all monetary transactions. Crypto mining and trading do not have such a holiday. Now crypto participants can elevate this transaction methodology by using Earth Day to have a day of rest. Earth Day is an appropriate day for these energy users to relax and think about our environment, and the good they are doing by not mining and trading for one day.

National Archives Day has approved this National Day.

About Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh operates a family office, a boutique mergers & acquisitions practice, a CPA firm, and financing advisory firm based in South Florida. He and his family are environmentally conscious and hope these National Days will be a small step towards worldwide energy resource conservation.

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Article originally published on as National Day Archive Approves April 22 as No Email & No Crypto Mining or Crypto Trading Days

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