NaXum, a leading innovator in digital solutions, proudly introduces Project Phoenix, a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2023 / — NaXum, a leading innovator in digital solutions, proudly introduces Project Phoenix, a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Update Actions in Sales CRM Tool by Marwan Muhammad, a Commissions Engineer, has made significant updates to the Sales CRM Tool, focusing on Contact and Create Forms. Notable additions include the RA Meeting Booked action and checkboxes for Message subtypes. He has also streamlined the form by automating data insertion into the deals table. Extra clicks after removing the Save Action button enhance user workflow.

Update Search Field in Contacts Page by Joe Biñas, a UX Designer, has improved the search function within NaXum’s Virtual Office by transforming the search tab into a field that allows direct parameter entry without opening a new window. This update simplifies and expedites the user’s search experience.

Update NaXum Virtual Office Menu by Mahmoud Hamdy, a UX Designer, has made comprehensive alterations to the NaXum VO menu, enhancing user navigation. Changes include the addition of DASHBOARD and three new tabs – RESULTS, NEXT ACTIONS, and ACTIVITIES – aimed at improving user access to essential functionalities.

Daniz Timbal, a commission engineer, comprehensively restructured the W8 Form Controller and W9 Form Controller and has significantly refined data management within the W9 and W8 database tables. His updates ensure that existing data automatically prepopulates fields, simplifying user interactions. Additionally, Daniz introduced improved encryption methods for sensitive information, enhancing data security and privacy.

Erwin John Ibañez, a Commissions Engineer, revamped the Receipt Controller and introduced notable functional enhancements to the platform. These improvements include integrating a quick search functionality, sortable column headers, and a helpful Download button. These modifications significantly enhance user interactions and streamline data retrieval processes.

Chinazamekpere Chimbo, a Commissions Engineer, restructuring the Plan Controller has revolutionized the plan subscription, upgrade, and downgrade processes. His enhancements ensure a seamless user experience—from selecting plans to confirmation prompts during payment. The updates also include features that enable confirmation prompts during plan downgrades and upgrades, providing users with a more streamlined and informative process.

Segun Oloto, a UI Designer, introduced a series of mock-up designs for critical tools on the Member’s Money Page, marking a significant step forward in user navigation and accessibility. His compositions cover essential features such as the Member Dashboard, Enroller Tree, Placement Tree, Rank History, and Rank Progress. These user-friendly mock-ups aim to provide users with a more intuitive and engaging financial information platform.

These remarkable advancements exemplify NaXum’s steadfast commitment to innovation, elevating user experiences and solidifying our position as an industry-leading force in digital marketing.

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