Specialized coaching evens the playing field for small business owners that prefer to transact in Spanish

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SEATTLE - August 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Upleveling Your Business, a full-service business coaching program with online interactive courses and events, announces the launch of a Spanish-language version of its offerings. The UYB Spanish Program launches Aug. 2, 2022. 

Business coaching has grown in popularity in recent years; usually, business coaches launch their practices within a specific industry. Upleveling Your Business (UYB) is unique in that respect. The platform's creator, Kristen David, built it around core business best practices that are applicable to any business. The platform provides clients with a variety of materials, access to webinars, workshops, and, of course, business coaching. "We definitely wanted it to be something that provided well-rounded support to all of our clients, regardless of their business," David said. 

While the concept of business coaching has become more popular in the general market, it has almost no presence in the Hispanic market. Business owners that prefer to speak in Spanish have had to use English-language materials and/or coaching. Many simply do not know what business coaching entails, how it could help their business, and how to engage with a program. It is this need that UYB hopes to address with its new Spanish-language offering. In addition to adapting all of the materials available into Spanish, David and the UYB staff have made sure that the coaches that will be servicing Spanish-language clients also have a deep understanding of the Hispanic culture. "We knew from the beginning that we couldn't just translate materials and we couldn't just use coaches that spoke Spanish but had no real cultural understanding. We have been extremely careful in how we vet the coaches for this program. We wanted to make sure that they brought with them an understanding of acculturation and what that could imply from a business perspective," she said.

Hispanic businesses are often multi-generational. This brings with it some unique dynamics that any business coach needs to understand. There are other cultural influence issues that are also incredibly pertinent to how a business is run. Because of the level of corruption in most Latin American countries, Hispanic business owners may not fully trust established systems, opting  to "just do it the way we have for the last 50 years." The program will have a team of coaches, each with their own specialty, including marketing and sales, strategy, financial controls, and management specialists. The program will first be focused on Spanish-speaking business owners in the U.S., but the long-term vision is to expand into other countries. "We fully expect for the program to grow over time and for businesses in Latin America to be able to take advantage of what we have to offer," David explained.

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