A global software engineering company of NIX is now presented in Budapest, Hungary.

NIX's New Location in Budapest

NIX's team new location in Budapest

With around 3,000 people on its team, NIX has already been one of the major suppliers of IT services in East Europe, and the company aims to expand. Our presence in Budapest illustrates the company's intention to scale NIX's global tech team with new, talented engineers. As well as taking on the responsibility of helping our teams from Ukraine. The space currently accommodates a part of our evacuated team members who have relocated to Budapest after the brutal war instigated by russia in sovereign Ukraine. NIX won't stop making every effort to ensure the safety of all team members and their families.

Our talent's skills and diversity guarantee that we create world-class technologies and assist our customers far into the future.

Why Budapest?

Budapest is one of the fastest-growing European tech cities with a pool of local talent experienced with key and emerging technologies. In recent years Hungary has produced more than 20,000 computer science graduates. With a significant number of Fintech startups, SMEs, and large corporations situated there, Budapest is a prominent Fintech hub. In addition, the Hungarian government has prioritized the development of healthcare-related technologies. Therefore, we expect our innovative and collaborative space will attract talented local engineers to join the NIX specialists' team to combine best practices and knowledge in these domains and further develop cutting-edge technology solutions. 

NIX also recognizes the long-term benefit of expanding to another European country by following established EU legal coverage, protection of intellectual rights, and advanced data protection policies such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive.

Budapest responds to all the NIX's requests with well-developed infrastructure, sustainability, ecology, and spaces for recreation. All new residents have already commended the healthy and productive environment of the recently discovered space. 

We believe that teamwork is the active driving force behind great software development and partnerships. Therefore, we hope that the new space in Budapest will be a significant breakthrough for the company and an excellent opportunity for professionals to join our team.

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About NIX 

NIX is a global software engineering company with a head office in Florida, USA. It has more than 3,000 IT professionals with comprehensive expertise across multiple business and technology verticals. Since 1994, the company has empowered multinational enterprises with top-of-the-line solutions that extend their capabilities. NIX is trusted by world-renowned companies, enhancing their businesses and assisting in achieving new heights through advanced technology solutions.

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