Los Angeles, California – Organic Authority, a renowned digital publication providing visitors with a variety of tips and expert advice on sustainably-made-and-sourced food, products, and brands, is excited to announce the annual update to its Detailed Guide to the Best Non Toxic Cookware.

Created by Organic Authority founder Laura Klein, a professional chef and lead product tester with over 10 years of experience testing non-toxic and non-stick cookware, the 2024 updated guide is designed to offer readers a diverse selection of non-toxic cookware options. Organic Authority’s mission is to help consumers find the best safe and healthy cookware to suit their unique cooking style, kitchen, and health concerns.

“In this annually updated guide, we show you how to choose the best cookware for your needs and lifestyle, what’s best to avoid with non-stick, the safest cookware brands we trust (we’ve added a new brand this year!), and even give you a heads up on which products are best for you, the environment, and your pocketbook,” said Laura Klein.

Catering to every need, lifestyle, skill level, and frequency of cooking, Organic Authority’s Best Non Toxic Cookware guide only features products that are free of the famous “forever chemicals” including PFAS and PTFE non stick pans. As featured expert Tasha Stoiber, Ph.D., EWG senior scientist states in the guide,

“PFAS, a family of compounds including Teflon, can be found in the blood of people all over the world, including 99%  of Americans. The production of consumer goods using these chemicals pollutes drinking water, food and wildlife, and since PFAS do not break down, they remain in the environment and people for decades. Almost everywhere we look we find more PFAS.”

The guide’s top safe picks includes cookware that’s made from stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, pure ceramic, and ceramic coated non-stick cookware.  Each has been personally tested by a member of the Organic Authority’s meticulous team to ensure that it has met the digital publication’s exceptional standards of sustainability, social responsibility, transparent supply chain, and efficacy.

Each brand and product recommendation must meet the standards of Organic Authority’s Clean Cookware seal of approval. This program takes on the challenge of testing, researching, experiencing, and recommending only those products and brands that truly deliver and meet the needs and values of their community that demand clean and ethically made consumer products. This results in a highly curated list of recommendations that you don’t see in other digital publications. From the best ceramic cookware sets to non-toxic bakeware materials, Organic Authority’s community knows they are getting clean cookware recommendations that fit their conscious lifestyle.

“Your cookware is just as important as the food you choose to eat,” continued Klein. “And you have plenty of amazing options when it comes to choosing the safest cookware for a healthy kitchen. Our guide features only cookware that we have personally tested from brands that are transparent about production practices and product safety. Each one has earned the ‘Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware’ seal of approval.”

Organic Authority invites those who want to read its 2024 updated Non Toxic Cookware guide or who are interested in joining its millions of readers discovering the latest trends and news in food, seasonal recipes, nutrition, wellness, and natural beauty, to visit its website and social media pages or subscribe to the brand’s popular newsletter.

About Organic Authority

For nearly 20 years, Organic Authority has been a leading digital publication dedicated to offering readers a range of recommendations, seasonal recipes, nutrition, and the latest news on clean, consciously raised, and sustainably made and sourced food, products, and brands. Created by professionally trained chef Laura Klein and her husband, Organic Authority has been read by millions of people and has earned its reputation as a trusted voice on what it means to live a conscious, healthy lifestyle in America today.

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