The cyber security company will offer a complementary assessment to determine where nonprofit organizations might be vulnerable.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - February 17, 2020 - (

Today's threat landscape has brought the critical need for data security front and center. Stepping up to meet this challenge is Cyber Security Services, a cyber security consulting firm and risk assessment company, which announced today the launch of its new free service aimed at protecting nonprofit organizations from a data breach. The company, a party-neutral entity, will now offer complementary penetration testing to any nonprofit or not-for-profit Higher Education institution, to determine where it might be most vulnerable.

Nonprofit Chief Information Officers (CIO) are now able to request a free penetration test (also called a "pen test"), designed to safely exploit their network and web application to identify vulnerabilities. Delving deeper than a vulnerability scan, a pentest functions just as an outside intruder might and exposes valuable insights into areas where your network or technology might be at risk. Cyber Security Services will determine the least probable access points that might be used to gather intelligence and result in the greatest potential impact on data integrity. A penetration testing report then provides results needed to help IT teams proactively mitigate risk by implementing controls before an attack is attempted. All reviews are completed by certified cyber security consultants.

"We take a comprehensive approach, analyzing the external network, applications, and wireless technologies along with social engineering to prepare nonprofit IT teams as we enter a critical time where Ransomware and other malicious activity is expected to increase in 2020," explained Michelle Perez, Director of Client Services at Cyber Security Services. "We're excited to offer this service as a way to contribute to organizations that do so much good for our communities. It is one way we can help them continue to deliver their services in the most secure way possible."

To qualify organizations must meet 501(c)(3) tax-exempt requirements. To learn more about the company or its penetration testing services or to request your free risk assessment, visit

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