In completion of the Company's pre-seed round, RAEK has now turned its head toward scaling the business through direct-to-consumer advertising and strategic partnerships.

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. - August 4, 2022 - (

RAEK Data, LLC. ("RAEK" or the "Company"), a company focused on providing first-party data collection and utilization tools, today announced it has completed its pre-seed round and raised $400,000.

In completion of the Company's pre-seed round, RAEK has now turned its head toward scaling the business through direct-to-consumer advertising and strategic partnerships. While first-party marketing strategies are young and developing, there is a massive opportunity to grab market share while many companies struggle to find a solution to advertise effectively after the sunset of third-party cookies.

"Everyone is excited at RAEK to be a part of a company dedicated to helping small businesses grow their digital advertising capabilities in a world that favors larger businesses with the resources to build effective marketing. As we continue to build momentum, we believe our team and strategic investors will help guide the company's path towards success," commented Cory Crapes, Co-Founder of RAEK.

Ryan Pool, Co-Founder of RAEK, commented, "The RAEK Team has hit a major milestone by completing our first raise. We have made a significant effort over the course of this year to establish a leadership position in the First-Party Data space. Our management team is committed to the continued development of features and tools our customers can utilize in their advertising efforts as the world transitions into a cookieless environment. The Company is well-positioned to access multiple near-term growth opportunities to expand our position in the First-Party Data space."

RAEK is proud to announce the strategic investments from Charles Perez, Founder and CEO of CDM-Advisors; Chris Barnes, Lead Cloud Solutions Architect; Ian Marshall, Co-Founder of Addenso Labs; Kerry Lucasse, Founder of Building Better Agents; and Michael Varnadore, Partner at Concentric Tax & Consulting.

Ian Marshall, commented, "We have an impressive opportunity at RAEK to truly add value to businesses looking for solutions to improve their marketing ROI by deploying RAEK. When meeting both Cory and Ryan, it was apparent from their diverse business backgrounds, their passion and ability to identify and innovate automations in order to overcome obstacles, positioning the Company for success. After evaluating RAEK, it was easy to see why so many businesses need a solution to not only capture but process first-party data from their website. There are a lot of companies completely unaware of the possibilities of the return they could get from their own website. Educating the market and presenting a simple, easy-to-use solution such as RAEK is a massive asset."

Investors or interested parties with questions about RAEK can contact us at [email protected]. For all sales inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

About RAEK, LLC.
RAEK Data, LLC. is a company focused on providing first-party data collection and processing solutions to small and medium businesses. RAEK is committed to building the largest network of first-party data collection solutions and revolutionizing the traditional advertising and marketing model. For more information, visit the Company's website ( and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates.

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