Joe Stone, host and creator of The Church of Joe Stone Podcast, strikes new deal with Snapchat, joining the ranks of MrBeast, Wildin' Out, Vice, TMZ, The Shade Room and other high-profile influencers/publications to launch a new show on Snapchat

The Church of Joe Stone @iamjoestone

Joe Stone, Host of The Church of Joe Stone Podcast, Launches New Snapchat Partnership\/Show

LOS ANGELES - August 8, 2022 - (

Joe Stone, also known as @iamjoestone, has amassed a following of over 1.2 million followers spread across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. It should come as no surprise that Joe Stone was recruited by social media mogul Keith Dorsey of YOUNGGUNS ENT to take his talents to Snapchat considering he has hundreds of millions of views, a diverse multi-platform fanbase, insanely high production quality, and an on-camera presence that very few personalities can compete with. The Church of Joe Stone Snapchat show will feature the best parts of The Church of Joe Stone Podcast up-cycled and reimagined to captivate Snapchat viewers. This new show will sit alongside other Snapchat publishers/partners such as MrBeast, Wildin' Out, Vice, TMZ, The Shade Room, The Phillip Defranco Show, and Mr. Ballen.

The Church of Joe Stone is infotainment for "The Culture." The Snapchat show will include stories from a wide variety of genres, including hip hop, politics, true-crime, pop culture, as well as everything trending and viral. Bryan Spector, The Church of Joe Stone's executive project manager and lead editor, developed a distinct design language for the show that is futuristic and eye-catching. With broadcast-level production quality and Joe Stone's witty rapid-fire style of rap like journalism, The Church is poised to continue to make waves.

iAmJoeStone, or Joe Stone, is a hilariously funny social media commentator, journalist, influencer, podcaster, comedian, and accomplished artist. 

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