Battle Scarred Motorsports race car

Battle Scarred Motorsports race car 2

Battle Scarred Motorsports race car 2

Battle Scarred Motorsports race car

Battle Scarred Motorsports race car

BILOXI, MS, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/ — The veteran community loses a staggering 17+ men and women every single day to suicide. This is a statistic* that most Americans are unaware of.

This is due to the challenges that veterans face throughout their career as well as the substandard care and support they receive, both while serving and after they return to civilian life. Especially the latter, because once they leave active duty, they also leave behind a brotherhood that simply does not exist anywhere else.

“Veterans are a unique breed because they willingly put themselves in between us and those who want to harm us. They are the protectors who place their mission above all else, and while that’s great when it comes to protecting our nation, it’s not great when it comes to their long term mental well being,” says Brian Czech, founder of Battle Scarred Motorsports.

The organization has been at the frontlines in the battle against veteran suicide since 2018, and was started while Czech was still on active duty, serving in the Marine Corps and with MARSOC at the time. Upon returning stateside, he doubled down on this mission, and has expanded Battle Scarred Motorsports’ scale and capabilities to serve even more veterans.

With the help of a team of dedicated volunteers, Czech’s organization travels the country with a fleet of race cars, giving veterans an opportunity to get behind the wheel on a racetrack, be a part of the pit crew, work on the vehicles behind the scenes, or even prepare and serve food.

“It’s a way to recreate the feel of an intense focus on mission in a high adrenaline environment, and to recreate that unique sense of camaraderie that frankly, only exists in the military,” he said.

His organization has received generous support from numerous companies, both in the automotive world and outside of it, including Hot Shots Secret, Hawk Performance, Rini Tech, Markchorged, Quickjacks, Spartan Media, and more.

More recently, Czech was approached by the producers of The Fixers, which airs nationally on BYUtv, offering to build a facility for Battle Scarred Motorsports that would help the organization serve even more veterans.

Kirin Stone, Courtney Dober and Andi Blanco, hosts of the show, travel the world to locations where they leverage their abilities and the combined strength of the local community to complete life-changing projects and bring about radical change. From bringing electricity to an impoverished orphanage to providing a reliable source of fresh water for a community, to building a facility to help Battle Scarred Motorsports serve the veteran community, every project they do makes the world a better place, one build at a time.

Upon hearing about this, Lori Greymont, real estate developer and creator of the real estate-themed reality TV show, Funding Faceoff, joined in on the mission, and has leveraged her connections in the industry to help secure both the construction materials needed to make this project a success, and additional donations to support the organization.

“I attribute my own success to the people in my life who have been willing to help me along the way, so I always want to do the same for others whenever I can. When I heard about what Battle Scarred Motorsports was doing, I immediately said, ‘I’m in!’ and offered to leverage my connections to help the people involved create an even greater impact,” Greymont explained.

Czech says this all is like a dream come true.

“When I first started this, it was just an idea, but everywhere I turn, people keep jumping on board to help us in our mission to save the lives of veterans, and I’m honestly blown away! It’s an honor to serve our fellow veterans, and I’m beyond grateful for the countless people who have contributed to our mission,” he said.

While Battle Scarred Motorsports continues to grow and evolve to serve a growing number of veterans, it relies on the generosity and support of its donors to do so. If you would like to be a part of that mission, you can visit their website to make a tax-deductible donation.


Jeremy Knauff
Spartan Media
[email protected]

Article originally published on as ‘The Fixers’ Partner with Real Estate Entrepreneurs to Help Battle Scarred Motorsports Fight Veteran Suicide

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