OneUI – VisibilityOne encapsulates data equivalent to a dozen applications

We’ve launched the new OAuth-based integration with Zoom to make it easier to integrate your Zoom account. OneUI, VisibilityOne!

VisibilityOne’s AI-driven diagnostics and real-time healing set a new standard in AV and IT collaboration management.”

— Kent Lowell former GM at British Telecom

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/ — VisibilityOne, the innovative provider of video collaboration monitoring and management solutions, has announced its migration to Zoom’s new OAuth 2.0 API platform.

Leveraging the new Zoom OAuth, VisibilityOne’s advanced video conferencing, AV, hybrid, and IoT monitoring solution will continue to offer its customers an even more seamless and secure experience when managing their video conferencing environments. This new integration will enable users to easily connect to Zoom and benefit from VisibilityOne’s advanced features and monitoring capabilities, all while leveraging the enhanced security measures provided by Zoom’s OAuth 2.0 platform. With this move, VisibilityOne continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions that help organizations and service providers optimize video collaboration workflows.

“This integration demonstrates our continued focus on helping enterprises and MSPs deliver a smooth and productive video conferencing experience while improving insight into resource availability and performance of rooms and the hybrid workforce.” Said Jose De La Paz, Co-founder & CEO, VisibilityOne.

About VisibilityOne:

Our solution provides AV and IT collaboration support teams real-time visibility into video conferencing endpoints and infrastructure, integrating with multiple platforms and offering proactive alerts for network issues. Detailed diagnostics and live alerting enable informed decision-making and optimization of resources. Implementing VisibilityOne drives better video conferencing collaboration management, improved user experience, increased productivity, and better business outcomes. With the intuitive dashboard and deep technical insights, the IT workload lessens: Reducing the cost of ownership!

Utilizing OneUI, VisibilityOne alleviates the triangulation that goes on between the 10-15 vendor monitoring applications that the large enterprise possesses.

“VisibilityOne’s AI-driven diagnostics and real-time healing set a new standard in AV and IT collaboration management,” says Kent Lowell, former GM of British Telecom’s global managed services division.

Experience high-availability and self-healing collaboration faults with VisibilityOne. Our plugin allows IT teams to assess and resolve issues in real-time, resulting in up to 90% faster resolution time per incident and up to 35% reduction in caseload.”

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OneUI, VisibilityONe

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