Compelling Insights From a McKinsey & Company Study Highlight Key Areas for Auto Repair Shops to Improve Retention and Culture

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Automotive industry hiring expert Christopher T. (Chris) Lawson was recently invited on the Ratchet + Wrench Radio Podcast to discuss how independent auto repair shops can reduce the turnover of good technicians.

Automotive industry hiring expert and founder of Technician Find Christopher T. (Chris) Lawson was recently invited on the Ratchet + Wrench Radio Podcast with Chris Jones to discuss a crucial topic that has long troubled automotive repair industry owners and managers: the turnover of good technicians. Technician Find helps independent automotive repair shops across the United States hire and retain top talent. From this perspective, Lawson brings to light a powerful employment industry study that identifies the top reasons why employees decide to leave their jobs and how these reasons pertain to auto repair technicians.

A recent study was done by McKinsey & Company that revealed the top reasons why people leave their jobs.

Stastia created a shareable infographic of these findings that can be viewed here:

According to the study, the top eight reasons why people resign include:

  1. Lack of career development/advancement
  2. Inadequate compensation
  3. Uncaring/uninspiring leaders
  4. Lack of meaningful work
  5. Unsustainable work expectations
  6. Unreliable/unsupportive colleagues
  7. Lack of workplace flexibility
  8. Lack of support for health/wellbeing

Lawson emphasizes, “When you look at the eight top reasons why people leave their jobs, notice that virtually every single one of them has to do with company culture. When you work on your company culture, you not only close the back door with good employees leaving but you also attract top talent to come in the front door.”

The episode is now available online so auto repair shops can tune into the podcast episode and gain these invaluable insights. You can find it here: How do you retain mechanics? The 8 top reasons they leave and what independent automotive repair shops can do about it [PODCAST].

Lawson breaks down each of the eight reasons, offering specific examples and actionable strategies that auto repair shops can implement. The goal? To not only retain their prized technicians but also attract the best talent in the industry.


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