Defying Tradition, Embracing Innovation: Lark & Berry Debuts in Houston, Offering a New Era of Ethical, Luxurious Jewelry

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Engagement and Eternity Rings by Lark & Berry with lab grown diamonds

Lark & Berry, a visionary in the world of cultured (lab) diamonds fine jewelry, is thrilled to announce the opening of its first U.S. showroom in Houston, Texas. Rooted in a profound connection to the city and Rice University, the alma mater of founder Laura Chavez, this expansion represents a significant chapter in the brand's story of resilience and customer-focused innovation.

"As pioneers in the cultured diamond industry, we've embraced the challenges and pushed back against traditional norms," said Laura Chavez, CEO and founder of Lark & Berry. "Our journey to Houston is a celebration of this resilience and a nod to the city that shaped my vision. Rice University was more than an educational journey; it was where the seeds for my entrepreneurship spirit were sown."

The brand’s jewelry has been worn at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Met Gala, and many other red-carpet events and appearances, including by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kate Beckinsale, Kylie Minogue, Billy Porter, Regina King and Helen Mirren. Lark & Berry has garnered coverage from Vanity Fair, Forbes, CNN, Marie Claire, Glamour and many more major titles.

The new Houston showroom features a curated selection of fine jewelry, showcasing the allure of cultured diamonds. These ethically sourced gems offer customers a unique value proposition – superior quality and size at a more accessible price point. Lark & Berry's commitment to sustainability and luxury resonates deeply with consumers who seek both elegance and ethical transparency in their jewelry choices.

"Our customers have consistently expressed their appreciation for our approach to luxury jewelry. Cultured diamonds provide them with the opportunity to own larger, higher-quality diamonds at fairer prices," Laura added. "In Houston, we're excited to extend this experience to a new audience, welcoming them to discover the remarkable qualities of cultured diamonds."

The Houston showroom is more than a retail destination; it's a symbol of change in the luxury jewelry landscape. It stands as a beacon for those who value both tradition and innovation, offering a space where Texas charm meets world-class elegance.

"We're inviting Houston and its visitors to join us in this exciting new venture. Whether you're looking for a special piece to cherish or curious about the future of luxury jewelry, Lark & Berry is here to redefine expectations and offer an unparalleled experience."

About Lark & Berry: Founded by Laura Chavez, Lark & Berry challenges the conventional diamond industry by specializing in fine jewelry made with cultured diamonds. Balancing design flair with a commitment to environmental consciousness, Lark & Berry represents the future of luxury - ethical, accessible, and exquisite.

The brand has garnered multiple business awards including Inspiring Independents, Most Disruptive Luxury Fashion Brand and Women Owned StartUp of the Year.

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