The elevated jacket is Reën's first product to hit the market and is now available for purchase online.

Reën (pronounced /rān/ or "Rain"), a sustainable apparel company specializing in the production of luxury men’s waterproof jackets, has officially launched with the release of its first product. The Reën waterproof jacket is designed to be worn regardless of the weather forecast. With an incredible design and impressive functional versatility, the jacket serves as both a great look and a sustainable outerwear selection. 

The Reën waterproof jacket is packed with additional features such as windproof design, large pockets, waterproof zippers, draw cords and cord locks, and arm vents. Constructed with premium Italian and Japanese fabrics, the jacket is both breathable and PFC-free (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals). 

“Reën was founded on the belief that high-quality, stylish clothing should never come at the expense of our planet,” said Marc Undeberg, Reën’s founder. “Sustainability is at the core of our jackets and can be considered the core of our business.” 

Reën is also committed to utilizing renewable packaging, as well as to ensuring that fair wages are paid at every stage of the supply chain. The growing brand also hopes to offset carbon emissions, donate a portion of proceeds to environmentally friendly causes, and offer free repairs to all customers. 

Reën will be launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will be live for 30 days. The Reën team has pledged to plant a tree for every jacket purchase. 

For more information regarding Reën’s launch and its unique luxury jacket, please visit: and 

About Reën 

There are very few jackets for men that are both waterproof and elevated. Most men opt for the traditional waterproof shell, which works great but doesn't tie together an outfit. 

Reën makes waterproof jackets from premium Italian and Japanese textiles that are not only waterproof but look great regardless of whether or not it is rainy. The best part? Reën is 100% committed to creating a more sustainable fashion industry. 

At every turn, Reën set out to create a truly sustainable product, from renewable textiles and packaging to ensuring that fair wages are paid at every stage of the supply chain, to offsetting carbon emissions, to planting trees with every purchase, to donating a portion of proceeds to environmentally friendly causes, and finally, offering free repairs.

Contact Information:
Marc Undeberg
Founder, Reën
[email protected]

Original Source: Reën Launches with Release of Sustainable and Waterproof Luxury Jacket
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