Achilles is currently being used by sports teams, celebrities and over 350 professional athletes and active people all over the world.

Achilles Bulletproof Ankles Machine

The flagship product, the Achilles machine, has received its United States patent

Achilles, the ultimate ankle rehabilitation machine used by many active people, professional athletes, and celebrities, just received their official United States patent. Trey Villarreal, a young entrepreneur and creator of Achilles, just announced that their flagship product known to build “bulletproof ankles” received its United States patent, a huge landmark for him and the company. Achilles is currently being used by many professional sports teams, celebrities and over 350 professional athletes and active people all over the world.

“This is an exciting day for Achilles and something we have been waiting on for a while. Our machine has changed the lives and built bulletproof ankles for hundreds of professional athletes and now with this patent we are going to be able to help even more athletes,” said Trey Villarreal, the founder and creator of Achilles.  

The science behind the Achilles machine and the reason why it has become a sensation in the professional sports world is that it is the only product on the market that offers a 360 resistance workout for the ankles and lower leg muscles, which expedites recovery and prevents future injury.

“I’ve been using Achilles with my patients for almost a year, it has been a game changer. The foot and ankle is the base of support and your foundation in any sport. It is so simple and easy to use, it strengthens every muscle and tendon in the lower leg and ankle, working the full range of motion. I started using it as a rehab tool with Jeremy Renner, who had both ankles crushed in an accident, but now use it with all my professional athletes as an injury prevention tool. The Achilles should be part of every athletes training,” said Dr. Christopher Vincent, Chiropractic Sports Physician for athletes and celebrities.

To get more information about the Achilles machine and also the United States patent you can visit or on social media @achilles_nation

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Original Source: Achilles, Ankle Rehabilitation Machine Used by Stars and Athletes, Receives United States Patent
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