Friday, the Social Security Administration (SSA) released its list of the most popular names of babies born in the United States in 2021. Listophile analyzed the data to reveal the hottest baby names and trends.

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Reference website Listophile analyzed the data to reveal some fascinating baby name trends — reflecting pop culture, the pandemic, the economy, and the racial justice movement.


● The names Olivia and Liam became even more widespread and dominant. Both names increased in numbers, as well as pulling further ahead of their respective second-place competitors.

● There was a strikingly noticeable upward trend in Kardashian-Jenner baby names, with the biggest impact among the youngest generation. Names gaining the most popularity were North (+33%), True (+26%), and Dream (+15%) for girls and Psalm (+54%), Saint (+39%), Chicago (+38%), and FKA Wolf (+33%) for boys.

Raya was the fastest-rising girl name in the top 1,000. The 2021 Disney movie "Raya and the Last Dragon" likely had a large influence.

● Olympic-inspired baby names increasing the most in popularity included Caeleb (+200%), after swimming star Caeleb Dressel. In an Olympic year, it was also fitting the names Olympia (+15%) and Athena (+8%) — the mythological Olympian goddess — rose in popularity.

● Following the #FreeBritney movement and the end of Britney Spears' 13-year conservatorship, the name Britney trended up 16% last year. The name Britney had previously been in rapid decline since the year 2000.

● Baby names associated with the racial justice movement increased in popularity, including George (+1%), Floyd (+10%), and Breonna (+25%). Baby names symbolizing justice and loyalty also trended up, including Loyalty (+28%), True (+26%), Honor (+24%), and Liberty (+9%) for girls and Loyal (+75%), Honor (+24%), and Justice (+11%) for boys.

Baby names signifying strength also rose in popularity, perhaps symbolizing the desire of parents to strengthen and protect their children during the pandemic. Names symbolizing strength included mythological god and goddess names, such as Freya (+17%), Gaia (+22%), and Calliope (+22%) for girls and Hercules (+75%), Apollo (+18%), and Zeus (+9%) for boys. Virtue-related names representing courage and bravery also rose. Names included Prosper (+43%) and Legacy (+19%) for girls and Victory (+127%), Courage (+50%), and Legend (+12%) for boys.

Geographical baby names increasing most in popularity were mainly far-flung travel destinations, suggesting people were ready to fly long-haul again. Trending geographical names included Everest (+58%), Rio (+34%), Havana (+32%), and Cairo (+31%) for girls and Rhodes (+67%), Rome (+41%), Rio (+35%), and Milan (+21%) for boys.


● While America was tightening its belt last year, parents were choosing more frugal names for their children. Baby names symbolizing luxury and material success declined in popularity. Names such as Luxe (-62%), Jewel (-21%), Chanel (-15%), Diamond (-11%), and Dior (-7%) trended down for girls as did the designer boy names Dior (-9%) and Armani (-8%).

● Baby names symbolizing royal titles and social prestige also trended down, including Heiress (-25%), Queen (-17%), Princess (-12%), Empress (-11%), and Royal (-7%) for girls and Royalty (-31%), King (-9%), Majesty (-7%), and Prince (-5%) for boys.

● Baby Names symbolizing hope and tranquility trended down, perhaps reflecting our collective state of mind during the pandemic. Names including Faith (-13%), Peace (-13%), Serenity (-10%), Hope (-8%), Harmony (-7%), and Grace (-1%) decreased in popularity for girls and Trust (-17%) decreased for boys.

● The names Karen (-30%) and Jeffrey (-8%) once again saw further drops in popularity, likely due to negative association with Karen as a popular meme name for someone with overbearing privilege and Jeffrey associated with Jeffrey Epstein.  

● Parents were steering clear of baby names that sounded too close to COVID-related terms. Girl names trending down included Cora (-1%), Rona (-71%), Sani (-17%), Delta (-9%), and Covey (-45%). Covid-related boy names decreasing in popularity included Alpha (-26%), Johnson (-25%), Omi (-20%), and Anthony (-3%).


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