Revive Recovery and Detox Services, an addiction treatment center located in West Los Angeles, announced today that it has no affiliation or association with Revive Premier Treatment Center, a mental health facility also located in the Los Angeles area.

"We understand there has been some public confusion given the similarity of our names," said Dr. Ronaye Calvert, Executive Director of Revive Recovery and Detox Services. "However, we want to clearly state to the Los Angeles community and our patients that we are not affiliated in any way with Revive Premier Treatment Center, now or ever."

Revive Recovery and Detox Services is independently owned and operated and has been so since its founding in 2014. 

Revive Recovery is a premier addiction treatment and detoxification center with an outstanding reputation for empowering lasting recovery and transforming lives. The facility and its staff pride themselves on providing compassionate, evidence-based care to patients.

"We are deeply committed to our patients and to providing ethical, responsible treatment," Dr. Calvert said. "We remain dedicated to being a trusted resource for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction in Los Angeles and we are grateful for our consistent reputation in upholding the highest standard of ethics and client-centered care."

With this statement, Revive Recovery and Detox Services seeks to definitively dispel any misconception that it is connected to or affiliated with any other treatment center or program. 

Revive Recovery and Detox Services is an independent organization that strives to deliver quality individualized care to every person who comes through its doors.

For more information about Revive Recovery and Detox Services, visit

Contact Information:
Revive Detox
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Original Source: Revive Recovery and Detox Services Clarifies NO AFFILIATION With Revive Premier Treatment Center
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