Strata Cookware challenges conventional non-stick with the world's first carbon steel clad pan.

Strata Carbon Steel Clad Pan

Katie Kearns (product designer) with well seasoned Strata Pan

A Maryland-based product design and development company, Gizmatic, is pioneering a shift in the cookware industry with its latest innovation, the Carbon Steel Clad Pan. Sold under the brand name “Strata Cookware,” this revolutionary frying pan is poised to change the way people view and use cookware. The Strata Carbon Clad Pan, the first of its kind, is a 3-ply pan combining a carbon steel cooking surface, an aluminum core, and a stainless steel exterior. 

Unknown to many home cooks, “seasonable” cookware like carbon steel is an excellent naturally stick-resistant replacement for non-stick pans with unhealthy or easily damaged coatings. The concept for Strata emerged from a common frustration: the widespread lack of awareness about seasonable cookware and the continued dominance of traditional nonstick pans in kitchens. Hobbyist cooks and carbon steel proponents, head engineer Will Vatis, and product designer Katie Kearns have identified a significant market gap. They noticed the need for a pan that combines the benefits of carbon steel — like its natural stick resistance — while eliminating common drawbacks, such as excessive weight and uneven heating.

This innovation is not just about superior cookware; it's about changing how people cook and think about their kitchen tools. "Our vision with Strata is to shift the perspective from disposable cookware to durable, natural cookware that lasts a lifetime," explains Katie. "We're here to prove that high-quality, long-lasting cookware can be accessible to everyday home cooks, not just professional chefs."

Strata’s current live Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its goal by 950%, raising more than $95,000 so far. With Gizmatic’s expertise in end-to-end product development, coupled with its established manufacturing network, they are more than prepared to transition into the next stage of production for the Strata pan.

Strata is not merely a brand; it embodies a commitment to honest and long-lasting products that don't sacrifice long-term customer satisfaction in exchange for profit. “This is the reason we started Gizmatic, to create truly useful products that help our customers and our society, not hurt them.” says Will. “... so it’s very exciting that this has so much traction; hopefully this will be the first of many products like it and we’ll really be able to make an impact.”

For more information on Strata and to join this culinary revolution, please contact us or visit our Kickstarter page.

Contact Information:
Katie Kearns
Product Designer
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Will Vatis
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Original Source: Revolutionizing Kitchens: The Strata Pan, a Natural Non-Stick Alternative Reshaping Cookware Standards