Proactive environment monitoring platform warns employers when indoor conditions are approaching levels that can cause heat-related illnesses for their staff

Room Alert Environment Monitoring Platform

Room Alert monitors, sensors, and software help organizations monitor heat index to protect employees.

AVTECH Software (AVTECH), the leading provider of environment monitors, sensors, and software, announces that its products are helping California businesses prepare to comply with upcoming state OSHA mandates to monitor temperature and heat index to help protect employees from heat-related illness.

Now celebrating its 35th year in business, AVTECH manufactures Room Alert, the world's most popular environment monitor for business continuity plans, outage prevention, and workplace safety. Room Alert is Made in the USA and proactively monitors environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, and more. Room Alert is currently used in 187 of 196 countries by organizations ranging from thousands of small businesses to Boeing, Sprint, Microsoft, over 80% of the Fortune 1000, the United Nations, and many government agencies. 

Cal/OSHA is currently working on new regulations that will require employers to implement measures to prevent heat illness in both outdoor and indoor workplaces. These regulations will require employers to monitor and maintain safe temperatures and heat indices to help prevent heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other heat-related illnesses.

AVTECH is proud to offer the perfect solution for California businesses to comply with these new regulations. Room Alert is designed to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, heat index, and other environmental factors that can impact employee safety. Room Alert alerts employers via email, text message, or mobile notification when temperatures exceed safe levels, enabling them to take immediate action to protect their employees. Room Alert can also provide historical data showing temperature compliance in the workplace.

"We understand the importance of keeping employees safe and healthy," said Richard Grundy, AVTECH President and COO. "Our Room Alert environment monitors are easy to install, use, and maintain, and they provide real-time alerts that can help employers prevent heat-related illness and comply with new upcoming state OSHA mandates. Room Alert provides the perfect platform to help California businesses protect their people, property, and productivity to provide Peace of Mind."

Room Alert environment monitors are compatible with a range of sensors, including temperature, humidity, flood, smoke, motion, and more. They can be used to securely monitor indoor and outdoor spaces, including server rooms, data centers, warehouses, cold storage, classroom or lab environments, and other workplaces.

To learn more about Room Alert and how it can help your business comply with new upcoming state OSHA mandates, please visit


AVTECH Software (AVTECH), a private corporation founded in 1988, is a computer hardware and software developer and manufacturer based in Warren, RI with an international sales office in Dubai, UAE as well as an international distribution facility in Shannon, Ireland. AVTECH's Room Alert products are made in the USA and proactively monitor critical facilities and assets for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, flood/water leakage, smoke/fire, air flow, room entry, motion, cameras and more. Room Alert is in use in over 185 countries and can be found in over 80% of the Fortune 1000, most state and federal agencies, and all branches of the U.S. military.

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Original Source: Room Alert Helps California Businesses Prepare for Upcoming State OSHA Heat Monitoring Mandates
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