Âme Atendre™ Unveils Gatherware™ Collection, Merging Artisanal Luxury with the Art of Connection

Luxury tableware brand Âme Atendre™, founded by former lawyer and corporate executive Ashley Gould, announces its launch today along with its new product line, Gatherware™. 

Gould was inspired to create Âme Atendre™ in an effort to foster community and empathy through social gatherings after observing what she considers to be a decline in these values in society.

In French, “âme” translates to “spirit” or “soul,” and “atendre” to the old French spelling of “to take care of,” or “to attend to,” words that inspire the company’s name and mission. 

“My goal is to get people to gather and re-learn how to honor our differences and remember how much we have in common,” Gould said. “What better way to achieve that than by designing and creating distinctive objects that bring people together.”

Gould believes in the power of in-person connection shared across a table with good food and inspiring tableware.

“We want our customers to feel that our products help them connect to themselves and others in a constructive and relevant way,” Gould explained.

Preparing for the brand’s launch, Gould worked alongside Principal Designer Dylan Williamson to design and curate small batches of high-quality, artisanal products in the luxury space that emphasize creativity and intentional design. 

Products include hand-crafted ceramic dinner sets and serveware, trays, cutting boards, utensils, glass and crystal drinkware and dessertware. They also offer a variety of gifts, including tabletop games, cookbooks, stationery, home decor, and culinary items, including sweets, oils, vinegar, spreads, and other food items that aim to enhance gatherings while providing versatility and value for hosts.

“Once a product idea is fleshed out, our team spends months perfecting its functionality, design, material, and composition, before working with trusted partners who can craft the products with integrity and care,” says Williamson. “In doing so, our process is unique and we ensure our customers gain access to the highest quality tableware products.”

“Curiosity about our differences leads to understanding. Respect for those differences leads to tranquility,” Gould explained. “Âme Atendre™ aspires to create opportunities for increased curiosity and understanding, ultimately leading to a greater sense of well-being.”

Intentional Gathering Podcast: On The Table With Ashley

Hosted by Ashley Gould, “On The Table With Ashley” aligns with the ethos of Âme Atendre™. The podcast topics include the role of objects in our lives and relationships, the importance of intentional design and execution in fields such as teaching, financial management and skincare.

Listeners can expect a blend of practical tips, inspirational stories, and how everyday objects like tableware can transform our social experiences. For more information on Âme Atendre’s™ launch and luxury products, visit Âme Atendre’s™ website. All products are available to purchase, and the brand is offering 10 percent off any first purchase.

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Original Source: New Luxury Tableware Brand, Âme Atendre™, Cultivates Community Through Products That Inspire Intentional Gathering