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Retailer Connect Product Launch

Stuzo, the only provider of its patent-pending Wallet Steering® solution, powered by its Open Commerce® product bundle, announced today the launch of Retailer Connect, its fourth software product focused on empowering retailers to generate unmatched business outcomes and value.

Stuzo launched Retailer Connect to address a set of significant business opportunities resulting from current solution gaps in the market for Major Energy and Company Owned and Operated Retailers, including:

  • Enabling corporate management to set, measure, and reward Wallet Steering program performance and outcomes for site-level participation in corporate-run programs (including loyalty/rewards, customer engagement, and digital/mobile payments).
  • Enabling corporate management to attribute Wallet Steering program member acquisition and transaction volume to specific site-level employees, stores and regions.
  • Providing visibility for site-level management into corporate-run program objectives, which generates buy-in and support from site-level employees.
  • Enabling site-level management to participate in and augment corporate-run programs, including bringing a site-level brand and existing backcourt program to life alongside a corporate-run program.

"The need and demand for Retailer Connect is so strong that we had two customers - a 5,000+ site operator and a 7,000+ site operator - procure our new product before launch so they could be first in line for rollout, which is now actively underway," said Aaron McLean, Chief Marketing Officer, Stuzo. "We are thrilled to further enhance the value proposition Open Commerce delivers to retailers with another differentiated outcome-focused product."

Stuzo is the only loyalty and commerce technology supplier in the industry offering a contractual performance guarantee, committing Stuzo to deliver 50% more program members and 50% more program transactions relative to a retailer's current program. 

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About Stuzo 

Stuzo, with its Open Commerce® product bundle and patent pending Wallet Steering® solution, empowers Convenience & Fuel Retailers to gain more share of wallet and customer lifetime value than possible with any other solution provider. Stuzo's unified Open Commerce products consist of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, Experience for Cross-Channel Customer Experiences, and Retailer Connect for Corporate-to-Retailer Program Management. Stuzo's solutions are supported by a set of program management services and Stuzo is the only supplier in the industry to contractually guarantee business outcomes with its 1.5X Performance Guarantee.

Contact Information:
Aaron McLean
[email protected]

Original Source: Stuzo Launches Retailer Connect to Supercharge Corporate and Site-Specific Program Outcomes
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