Noteefy empowers golfers to play more and worry less about finding and booking tee times. By sending personalized tee time availability alerts at local courses, completing bookings on golfer's behalf as a concierge service, and connecting likeminded local players in a 'Virtual Country Club', Noteefy brings the technology innovation golfers and courses have been waiting for.

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Today, Noteefy launches across Southern California with a faster, easier way for golfers to find and book tee times and meet great people to play with in their area. On their site,, golfers set their playing preferences, then get personalized tee time availability alerts for free at the courses they love. Noteefy also provides golfers access to the 'Virtual Country Club,' an online forum to socialize with golfers in their geographic area and a 'tee time booking concierge' service at courses Noteefy is strategically partnered with.

See here a two-minute demo video of how Noteefy works. 

Brian Reed, General Manager of Simi Hills Golf Course, took the lead in partnering with Noteefy and providing his golfers with awareness of the product: "We receive what seems like 500 calls a week asking about our tee time availability. Now I can just refer our golfers to Noteefy and take that burden off the SHGC staff, while providing the golfers with an improved booking experience. We have also set up our community page and are excited about the benefits."

Noteefy enters the market to solve the tee time booking challenges golfers have experienced amid a boom in golf playing activity and interest over the last two years.

While millions of new players picked up the game since COVID, (3.2 million new golfers began playing in 2021 - the highest levels of beginners on record, according to the NGF), a 2022 Noteefy survey of hundreds of golfers found that 80% expressed "difficulty" finding and booking their desired tee time and rated the process as "poor."

"I'm forced into waking up at 6 a.m., weeks in advance and calling and refreshing my favorite course homepage over and over again in hopes of getting a tee time. It's a painful and archaic process," said Justin Supowitz, an active L.A.-based golfer and early Noteefy user.

Not even the game's biggest executives were immune from tee time booking pain: Callaway Golf CEO: We can't even get tee times, golf courses are so busy.

As golf fanatics with backgrounds in VC-backed startups and emerging technology, Jake Gordon, Noteefy Co-founder and CEO, and Dathan Wong, Co-founder and CTO, knew there was an opportunity to improve this process.

After interviewing hundreds of golfers and course operators, Jake and Dathan realized golf booking demand did outpace tee time supply, but the key problem for golfers was actually that tee time inventory was siloed across individual course sites and not easily accessible. Golfers lacked a way to get accurate real-time visibility and awareness into all available times at the courses they love. No aggregator had this information.

"We discovered that if we could directly connect the golfer and their playing preferences with the supply of tee times directly on their desired course site (like Google Flights, Resy or Expedia) - everyone would win. The golfer gets the time they want, and the course keeps 100% of the booking revenue, while golfers get an improved tool," says Jake Gordon.

Noteefy plans to continue expanding partnerships with courses and operators (at zero cost) and is actively in conversations with many of the largest course operators to deploy Noteefy portfolio wide.

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