Alex Otanez, Shockoe's CEO, will lead a discussion on the importance of shared value partnerships during the NFL Draft.

This week, award-winning app agency Shockoe will converse with industry leaders during the NFL Draft at the Brand Innovators Sports Marketing Summit. Shockoe's CEO Alex Otanez will lead a fireside chat with Tim Ellis, the Chief Marketing Officer at the National Football League (NFL), and Artis Stevens, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Throughout the conversation, Shockoe, the NFL, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America will discuss how the right partnerships can create lasting authentic relationships that benefit fans, employees, and the communities they live and work in. 

"Much like the NFL and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Shockoe is committed to developing authentic partnerships across industries that align with our values," said Alex Otanez, CEO of Shockoe. "Apps play a crucial role in building these connections across fan bases and communities. I'm looking forward to learning from the NFL and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America about the opportunities they see for their organizations."

As part of a larger event with Brand Innovators, the fireside chat will explore how the NFL and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America have leveraged their partnership to authentically position their brands and create organizational change that energizes employees and fans alike. Otanez, Ellis, and Stevens will discuss specific examples of how partnerships rooted in shared values have led to successful outcomes and innovations.

Building on the partnership discussion, the Shockoe team looks forward to continuing its commitment to its core values and positively impacting a billion users by 2030. Through transparent collaboration with clients across industries, Shockoe is driven to create a measurable impact that improves the lives of those who interact with its clients. 

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The best brands in sports and entertainment are born in a moment, but they're grown by experiences that amplify the impact of that moment. At Shockoe, we create mobile apps that connect your biggest believers directly to your brand, blending technology and design to extend the fan experience. Whether you're trying to build a loyal base or a legion of true believers, we know exactly what it takes to turn fans into superfans. 

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Original Source: Shockoe Hosts a Fireside Chat With the NFL and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America @ NFL Draft, Hosted by Kansas City Chiefs
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