Snipback AI adds revenue generation models and low entry point costing designed for short cycle ROI and added value for club sports.

Snipback AI, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in video and statistic solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking monetization feature. This innovative addition is designed to significantly enhance the value proposition for club teams hosting events and the total club experience for players, parents, and stakeholders.

The newly introduced feature empowers club teams to offer a flexible monetization strategy, allowing them to choose between single-game payment models or a subscription-based approach. This versatility provides an unprecedented opportunity for clubs to tap into significant revenue streams while offering an enhanced experience for their audience.

Combining these features with SnipBack’s commitment to mobile-based filming and lower entry costs makes for exceptionally fast ROI and the flexibility to turn any playing environment into a revenue-generating opportunity.

Another key advantage of this feature is its applicability to teams hosting NCAA-certified events. With SnipBack’s monetization models, clubs can now safeguard investments and protect against external production firms seeking to capitalize on the networks they have meticulously cultivated.

"Snipback AI is proud to introduce this game-changing feature that not only enhances the revenue potential for club teams but also safeguards their ability to control and capitalize on the valuable networks they have built,” said Ryan Trevithick, VP of Business and Product Development at Snipback AI. "Our commitment to innovation is driven by the desire to empower our users and create opportunities for them to thrive in the evolving landscape of content creation and streaming."

Snipback AI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and empowering content creators is evident in this latest release. The single-game monetization feature stands as a testament to the company's dedication to providing innovative solutions that enable club teams to thrive in the competitive landscape of streaming and event hosting.

To learn more, please join us at booth #744 at the American Football Coaches Association Convention in Nashville, TN, January 7-9.

About Snipback AI:

Founded in 2022, Snipback AI is at the forefront of sports technology innovation, dedicated to enhancing athletic performance through advanced AI solutions. Our mission is to empower athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and parents with visual insights for optimal performance and strategic decision-making.

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For more information about Snipback AI and our participation in the 54th Annual Athletic Directors Conference, please contact Jeff Richards, Sales and Marketing at [email protected] or 312.906.7901.

Contact Information:
Jeff Richards
Marketing Manager, SnipBack AI
[email protected]

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